Place of birth: Tooele, UT 
Home Town: Samuel, AZ.  

Breed began his foray into the lyrical arts at an early age. His mother was amazed to hear her young child in the back seat making up his own words to the songs coming out of the speakers. By the age of 12 he had let poetry become a daily part of his life. Notebooks stacked up with the thoughts of the young wordsmith. At 13 he started putting these thoughts to a tune with the help of a handheld recorder and any instrumental he could find. Flash forward to today and Breed has grown into a formidable emcee. A "rappers rapper" to the core he prides himself on being able to display multiple styles of the art form while giving listeners an uncensored and uncut look into his life and mind. All one has  to do is listen to start to know him. With multiple projects released with his group "Tha Elevatorz" Breed is now poised to give listeners an even more in depth look into what makes him tick upon the release of his first solo project with Nosenss Records.

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