Place of Birth: New Iberia Louisiana 
-Lives in: Elko, Nevada 

The funny thing is that all of this started as a joke. At the age of 16 I started changing lyrics to songs and rapping them as my own. Two kids and a boombox would spit into that computer mic like it was a million dollar studio. After rapping on my moms computer for a couple of years my career graduated to local house parties and gathering crowds in the school parking lot. It wasn't until i turned 19 and met my dude B Yocs that I started hitting my writtens hard. I pushed hard to improve constantly, watching and learning to keep my style unique. I pride myself on the work I put in and the ability to produce music quickly and efficiently for the listeners i have. I want to thank my family and everyone of my friends that pushed me to stay after this dream, I love y'all. 

play hindsight and heartbreak