iLL ZakieL
- Place of Birth: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico  
- Hometown: Elko, Reno, Las Vegas

     iLL ZakieL is Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Nosenss Records along with Gabriel (NO1ELSS) Gonzalez. He is also one of the featured rappers/artists/producers/engineers on the label. He has also provided cover art for past projects. ZakieL is also known for his work as 1/2 of the rap duo Tha Elevatorz where he teamed up with label mate Breed Tha Loc. They went on to release 4 Projects together including 2010's "Elevated and Motivated", 2012s "Elevate Your Mind" 2013s, "Spaceships and Time Machines" and 2014s "iLLBREED".
     ZakieL started making music back in 2002 when his brother in law introduced him to Acid Pro 3. He began recording songs but never released any of them. In 2005 he began selling his beats to local rappers in Las Vegas as well as building a small online buzz with his online beat battles on The site is hosted by Grammy Award winning producer The Rockwilder. Durin his time on rocbattle Zakiel was know by the pseudonym Miklo Sanchez. He went on to gain recognition from The Rockwilder himself after winning a couple of battle tournaments between the top 64 producers out of over a hundred thousand on the site. As a result he gained the title West Coast Champion on this platform.  
    By 2009 Zakiel shifted his energy back to rapping and teamed up with Breed Tha Loc to form Tha Elevatorz. They worked together for 5 years before they both decided to pursue their solo careers.
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