Jesse “J-Ray” Aldridge 

Elko, NV.

Born and raised Elko rapper. What really drove me in to rapping and actually wanted to take it seriously is that it gave me a voice that I never had. It allows me to enter this sort of ego that can help say stuff that I could never say normally. 

I first performed at Smokey vibes on August 13, 2017. It was pretty decent for a first performance but we start out with a karaoke machine. 

But then I hit my first big performance with the Nosenss crew. Kato and I were the first up and holy shit was I nervous. But once that beat started to hit all my feelings just went numb and a brand new me came out. We impressed Nosenss Records CEO Gabriel No1elss Gonzalez with the stage presence and offered us the chance to join the label. Now I’m here to prove that I’m dope enough to rise above the top.