It all started around 95 for sleek illanoiz. Having a love for music was in his family's bloodline. Numerous relatives were in bands and played different instruments. The most influential was his older brother Jerry "Dj Eksel" Mondragon. A well known SLC dj at the time. Sleek loved all types of music but knew hip hop was his calling. He really wanted to dj like his brother but he started writing raps for a friend and said, "hey i got this", never really stopping diggin in the crates (Eksel didn't dig it tho haha). He, along with family and friends formed a crew in 96 called Natural Desastars later changing the name to Cybernetex with Eksel as the DJ. In 2005 sleek helped form B.A.M.N. ENT in SLC where he released "The Hustle" and various mixtapes. In 2009-10 he chose to go his own way and in a sense stopped making music but never completely stopped writing. In 2015 his cousin Breed Tha Loc (co-founder of Nosenss) sent him a track to get on and the rest was history. Breed introduced Gabriel (no1elss) Gonzalez and sleek and the wheels started spinning. In 2016 he joined Nosenss Records and hasn't looked back. So here's to all the time and sweat this artist has continued to put in to his craft! 

              Cheers-Sleek Illanoiz