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From the recording L.O.D.B

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Who fucking with me on this rhyming tip
I been grinding since way before tiny was tryna find a tip

shining without the diamonds a blinding light was inside the kid

back when common was commonly competing as common sense

I completely demolish comp with a calming grin

confident in my conglomerate kamikaze shit

I cop a beat then combine it wit cockiness

and construct a concoction comparable to kamehameha's bitch

constantly causing a conflict cuz I'm hot shit

by they standards I'm maruchan top ramen

but it's nada filet minon inside me

I'm just ridin for mine the rest of y'all can ride dicks

cuz I'm sick and surviving Magic Johnson

positively most promising prospect in my conference

they keep talking as if they're bossing til I clock in

butt naked swinging a wrecking ball like I'm Miley

try me if you think you can test it

whatever's better than bestest then I'm two levels ahead of it

upgrade to n-o-s-e-n-s-s we the essence

of what this game really meant

when Melle Mel penned the message now check it

how many emcees must get ripped?

split from chin to the ribs before they quit fuckin wit Rick

there's a bomb inside me like cyrax that's been itching to tick

and when I flip there ain't no coming back from that shit

I'm talking bout wrapping plastic around these rappers body bags getting zipped

I'm talking bout packing a pack the magnums not the kind for my dick

but the kind with a clip

designed to expire the life of a trick

I been trying to quit but I'm fly with the spit just a guy with a split

personality going all Jekyll and Hyde in the mix

wit a cyanide drip IV bag full of saliva from big

poppa 2pac and rakim with a little tech n9ne and a twist of maniacal em

circa 1999 to the end of his prime tryna win

before my final shining begins and I fly in the wind

as ashes like the time that I spend tryna write me a gem

after night shift in the ride with a pen and a pint of the gin

a pack of camel lights and a grin cuz I'm finally in

the type of state of mind that can bend any rhyme on a whim

so who the fuck am I to pretend that my primes at its end? I'm like the finest wine you can blend

damn ha don't mean to toot my horn but beep beep

none of these dudes can see me like Stevie watching the 3D

DVD version of beat street on thousand 80p tvs

its B-r double e-d-t-h-a to the l-o-c the emcee that's bringing degrees

that makes hades seem like its freezing believe me

so fresh febreeze wanna be so ill that even hiv is beneath me

so destructive Katrina kneels at my feet she sucks on the deezy while I'm playin parcheesi

puffin a bleezy of something cheesy while listening to eazy

it's too easy for me to out rhyme these sucka emcees

It's like I'm wiping my cheeks and flushing everything that they speak

matter of fact it's like breathing it comes naturally

so ima continue to smack enamel from the back of they teeth

till I'm resting in peace

you could say that I was destined to be the last of a breed

that's time in this dimension has ceased so love me or leave me fuck me or feed me ima be me

yeah ima be me that kid named Ricky B from AZ

you know my steezo still screaming out fuck tha people

who thinking this shit is a gimmick and don't even listen to lyrics just dig it because the beats dope go deep throat

the fucks that I give to opinions equaling zero no hero

if this shit is just the beginning imagine the sequel no mijo

don't try to go beef with tha breed with tha speech he be lethal as needles

infected with hiv bro he's evil as c-4 planted inside a cathedral

full of peaceful young bistros tryna feed those that need homes yes he's gone

dome posted on Pluto brutal whenever he sing songs

that seat that they sitting the king on that's breeds throne

prove me wrong or be gone like poof bitch

Cut your shit in half like doing kegels while pooping it's proven tha fucking dudes sick

I'm ruthless tryna get plaques like toothpicks

master of facts Confucius the rest of these bastards useless

as cute chicks without the two tits no booty in daisy Dukes and

some loose lips covered in mucus smelling like sushi I'm truly the fucking truest

dopest dude out my fucking zone to do this

roll with the nosenss crew I thought you muthafuckas knew this

ruin whoevers foolish enough to step to the crew with some bullshit

eating up emcees is what the fuck I do bitch yeah